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Oregon Joins the Pink Movement


Chances are, if you’ve flipped on an NFL game this month, you have probably seen a surprising amount of pink on your screen.  Players have been donning pink equipment, such as their cleats and gloves, to support breast cancer awareness. This past weekend, the University of Oregon joined the cause, unveiling a pink helmet for their game against Washington State. Their mission was to support the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, which has raised $2.6 million for scientific research since 2009.  After the win, Oregon auctioned 25 helmets to raise more money.
Nike sponsors both the NFL and Oregon, thanks to Nike chairman and Oregon alumni Phil Knight, so it’s no wonder he decided to get involved.  Marketing like this is genius because not only does it support a great cause, it is certainly going to be talked about, which further bolsters Nike’s brand image.

It’s refreshing to see a college football story that isn’t cast in a negative light, like the violations at Miami (and just about everywhere else) and realize that a lot of good still takes place in and around the sport. There’s more serious issues than where Johnny Football is partying tonight, and actions like this put life into perspective.
We’ve seen college teams like Virginia Tech and others wear camouflage uniforms to support our troops, but the pink craze has yet to spread to collegiate teams.  Oregon is known for their flashy uniforms and cutting-edge innovation, and they might have just created another trend.  Pink is for the boys too.