Will Ferrell and Dodge- Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed


To market his new movie, Anchorman 2 (see the newest trailer here), WIll Ferrell has teamed up with Dodge to promote the new 2014 Durango.  Ferrell pitched the SUV while dressed as his character from the film, anchorman Ron Burgundy. They are ridiculous as you might expect from the charismatic news anchor, and a few of the commercials generated over a million views on YouTube.  Early reports from Brand Index indicate that the campaign has been a resounding success thus far. It’s achieved Dodge’s best perception numbers with potential car buyers this year, and noticeably boosted its purchase consideration levels. Here’s a graph to better visualize what all that means.

Dodge has been making clear attempts to integrate recent ad campaigns with social media in order to appeal to a younger generation of consumers, particularly those 18-34 years old.  Fictional versions of both the Dodge Charger and Challenger were also featured on the hit video game GTA V.

In addition to the marketing success for Dodge, this is a win-win for Ferrell. Dodge is paying him to sponsor their vehicles while he also gets an opportunity to showcase his upcoming movie.  At the end of every commercial, a reminder to “see the movie in theaters December 20th” flashes onto the screen.  The advertisements effectively target two distinct markets at once, almost serving as two completely different commercials.  On one hand, you have the people who are genuinely interested in the new car, and on the other, you have fans of Ferrell or Anchorman who could care less about the car.

Promoting a movie with the help of a brand, like what Doritos is doing for the new Avengers movie, is becoming popular with executives because they recognize the potential audience size is much greater than a “standard” commercial.  The possibility of going viral and spreading via word-of-mouth is heightened as well.  In the near future, it wouldn’t surprise me to see many more actors teaming up with brands and creating these dual-threat commercials that appease both parties. In the meantime, you stay classy.


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